AVANTI Hampers 2015

We would like to extend our grateful thanks to each and every one of you! Our official comms went out on Friday 4th of Dec and within 5 school days the Avanti Hampers Team were overwhelmed with generous voluntary donations that were flowing in! Donations included confectionery items, savory items, staple food, homemade baked biscuits, carton juices. We also received non-food items including puzzle books, candles, watches and perfumes. £700 is the estimated total of donations plus generous £200 sponsor from Hira Constructions with a total combination of nearly £1000. Our three planned visits to the residential and nursing homes generated lots of interest and exceeded capacity, which is absolutely fantastic!

The spirit of Avanti House community really shined beyond expectation and demonstrated characteristics of love, generosity and kindness. As a community we should be extremely proud how we have worked together to make the planned visits a success!

Donations were arranged into hampers and were gifted by the children of Avanti House to the elderly, in three nursing homes. Loneliness is a massive issue for people in later life and our children warmed their hearts, made them smile and laugh by sharing their sweet voices,  personality and charisma. The children were extremely excited but maintained exceptional behavior and as part of a group or solo sang Hare Krishna Bhanjans, Gayatri Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Christmas Carols and recited poems which was enjoyed by all.

We were welcomed by management, staff and residents of each home. Each home kindly prepared refreshments for the children which was a small reflection of their appreciation and they all showed interest for us to visit again. Thank you for your continued support to FOAH. Let's continue to spread the fantastic work we are all doing and get people talking about our school in our wider community! Our success for our children has no limits and we look forward to plan many more events that we hope you continue to be part of! 

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